Welcome to Artive

Artive is a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States of America facilitating the protection of cultural property through its risk management services and growing database of claimed objects. We are committed to protecting the world’s fine arts and cultural property and believe that by building community, together we can better serve this need.  

Artive’s mission is to help protect the world’s cultural heritage – looted and illicitly transferred, stolen, missing and otherwise claimed – by recording and indexing data for posterity and preservation through the use of technology.

As a facilitator promoting protection across the cultural heritage sector, we invite you to explore our ongoing initiatives, database offerings, and various ways to get involved!

Artive’s Vision

Artive’s main and most ambitious project is to make the data collected available to the wider public. Creating a safe, open-access platform supports our vision to provide opportunities to undertake efficient and affordable due diligence searches while building a stronger awareness of its importance. Doing due diligence checks shouldn’t be a matter of affordability! An open access, global database of stolen, looted, missing or otherwise claimed works of art and cultural property will truly fill the need for an impartial due diligence platform and research hub. Help our data go public! 


The Artive Database

Artive’s  team of experts are driven by a mission to create safe, accessible, and affordable access to due diligence services – before or after any art transaction, loss, or damage.  This is why registering any item is free and our search services are tailored to your needs. Learn more about how you can contribute to the Database with an Object Registration or submit a request for an Artive Search Report.


Join Forces

We believe in the power of community and invite YOU to join in our effort to identify, return, protect and preserve our cultural heritage. Together, we plan to provide the world’s most comprehensive and technologically advanced central hub where people come together to protect art and cultural property.


Fundraising Initiatives

As a non-profit organization we believe that  Artive’s  mission should be led by the cultural heritage sector and funded by independent, philanthropic capital. In our mission to collect records from governments, institutions and individuals, we are dependent on any support we can get. Click here to support Artive’s fundraising initiatives.


  • As the destruction of cultural heritage becomes more prevalent worldwide, Artive arrives in a timely fashion.

  • We applaud the creative and altruistic founding of Artive Inc as a nonprofit and encourage others to support the Artive mission.

  • It is clear that the Artive team members are clearly aligned and fully committed to the Artive mission, as they work with enthusiasm, respect, and diligence.