05 January 2021




For Immediate Release:  New York – Zurich, December 2020


The U.S. based non-profit Artive Inc and the Swiss tech company SmartStamp AG are pleased to announce their strategic partnership with a shared mission to preserve cultural property through the use of innovative technology solutions.

Bringing together decades of art market and technology experience, the two organisations will combine due diligence tools and sustainable AI + blockchain technology to address the urgent need to protect our shared cultural heritage from plunder, theft, destruction, forgery, and illicit trafficking.

SmartStamp will provide the technology for Artive to add additional layers of data security to its due diligence reports, by securely timestamping the data (as cryptographically secure hashes) on the blockchain. Together, Artive and SmartStamp, are seeking relevant solutions to curb the illicit trafficking of cultural property and help to mitigate the many risks presented in a multi-billion art sector ecosystem. Identifying and recording high-risk art, cultural objects, collections and archaeological sites involved in unlawful transactions or other incidents, is a vital element in ultimately establishing a safe, ethical, and transparent market.


Artive Inc: Artive is a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States of America facilitating the protection of cultural property through its risk management services and growing database of claimed objects. Artive is committed to protecting the world’s fine arts and cultural property and believe that by building community, they can better serve this need. Artive Inc can be contacted on +1 (212) 653-8838 or at

SmartStamp AG: SmartStamp is a Swiss technology company that uses patented computer vision and AI secured with blockchain technology to identify and verify the authenticity of objects of art. SmartStamp’s vision is to be a trusted, sustainable, and innovative technology standard for the protection against forgeries of works of art. SmartStamp can be contacted at