Our Mission & Vision

Artive’s mission to protect cultural property drives our living vision to imagine a world free of illicit threats against our world’s cultural heritage. By shedding light on current risks in the market and bringing due diligence to the forefront of conversations, we provide proactive solutions to combat threats against our world’s treasures.

Artive’s mission is to help protect the world’s cultural heritage – looted and illicitly transferred, stolen, missing and otherwise claimed – by recording and indexing data for posterity and preservation through the use of technology.

Our mission is more than “about us”, this is your story as well and we believe that our cultural heritage can only be protected if we unite our responsibilities and actions, digitally record and exchange information, and raise awareness together. 



The Artive Database

Artive maintains the world’s most technologically advanced, and impartial database of cultural objects, and intends to expand access, making it a publicly accessible record of stolen and high-risk objects. 

Artive maintains the world’s most technologically advanced, and impartial database of cultural objects

By building a publicly accessible feature to our database and thus disseminating information about claimed objects, Artive will be able to:


  • Continue maintaining a platform that identifies and records at-risk art, cultural objects, collections, and antiquities sites involved in unlawful transactions or incidents
  • Establish safe, ethical transparency by creating both an essential tool for due diligence research prior to any transaction, and a site to publicize objects currently active in a claim or incident
  • Provide the industry with a resource of highly-diversified objects registered in a single, user friendly setting


As a non-profit organization we are dependent on financial support, data contributors, volunteers and sponsors to keep our mission going and our growing database maintained!

Whether you would like to support us with a financial contribution or care to join the Artive community another way, click below to make a difference! 

Watch our Vision

Wonder where we came from? How we were founded and why we do what we do? Our short presentation video tells you our story and what role we play to improve the state of risk management and due diligence in the art market!



Meet some of our Team

Jason Sousa

Chairman & CEO

Kathleen Kenyon

Sr. Research Associate

Reema Pangarkar

Cultural Property Law

Lizzie Lockard

Social Media Coordinator

Sarah Bucarelli


Frederic Somm


Emily Ford


Natasha Levick


Jeanne Crampette


Ariane Moser

Chief Operations Officer

Harvinder Kaur

Sr. Research Associate

Richard Van Herzeele

Law Enforcement Liaison

Manon Zeidler

Artive Journal Editor

Irina Deikarkhanova

Strategic Partnerships

David Turchin


Anton A. Bogdanov


Mackenzie Priest


Kaylee Eubanks


Rhynier Myburgh

Chief Technical Officer

Saida S. Hasanagic

Sr. Research Associate

Khamal Patterson

Cultural Property Law

Julia Voisin

Business Development

Helena Arose

Marketing Specialist

Frances Oglesby

Sr. Ambassador

Adam Gates


Doug Bort


Joseph Sperrin

Artive Intern